Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator


  • No tools easy tightening wheel
  • Quick release bubble counter
  • Fine tune needle valve & dual gauge
  • Compact with a superior metal finish
  • Will fit Australian standard CO2 cylinders

    The growth of aquatic plants in an aquarium requires photosynthesis, which requires carbon dioxide (CO2). To supply a great enough amount of  CO2 to the plants, CO2 must be pumped into the aquarium. For this, a CO2 cylinder is required. The output pressure of the full CO2 gas cylinder is about 1000psi. This high pressure makes it both dangerous and unstable to pump directly into an aquarium. Therefore, it is essential to use a regulator to reduce the pressure to around 50psi and ensure a constant flow of CO2 is entering your aquarium. This double-gauge pressure reducing regulator simultaneously displays the pressure in the CO2 bottle and the pressure after decompression. The fine-tuning needle valve allows you to adjust the CO2 flow into your aquarium and the bubble counter enables you to visualise and measure the amount of CO2 entering your tank. The solenoid valve can be plugged into a timer to turn the CO2 flow on and off automatically. A diffuser in the aquarium will also be required.





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