The AQUAVIVO PLANTMINI is an aquarium light designed to enhance the colouration of your fish and optimize plant growth in your aquarium. The LEDs in the unit cover the full spectrum of light that your plants need to flourish and a simple ‘plug and play’ on/off switch design makes the light very easy to use.

1.4W x 6

Input V: 110-240V

Output V: 12V/1V

Colour LEDS: 2red/2white/1blue/1green

AQUAVIVO suggests using the PLANTMINI with a power timer. For optimal plant growth, use for 6 - 9 hours a day at a time that suits you and off for the remainder of the day.


AQUAVIVO provides a 3 year warranty to the original purchaser of its products against all defects in original workmanship and material, under normal use and service. The following exceptions apply:

  • Damage caused by water intake
  • Defects attributed to accident, abuse, or incorrect maintenance and storage
  • Defects resulting from disassembly or modification by customers or repairers of other companies
  • Defects caused by damage to the shell or other external components during usage
  • The machine label numbers are torn, blurred or counterfeit
  • Defects caused by natural disasters (such as earthquakes, fires, floods, etc).